TJ's Terrific Touch


Here at 3T's respect is given and expected in return. 3T's is located inside of Salon Taje in Lake Kiowa, Texas. So upon approaching the 3T's suite, please be mindful of the other professionals in the building.

Once inside 3T's, please maintain courteous and respectful behavior at all times. No inappropriate behavior will be tolerated. You will be asked to leave.


1. Are there any happy endings?

Absolutely not. Sorry guys. :( Not a prude here and what you do some place else is your business. But 3T's is my business and is not a place for that. Thanks for understanding! :)

2. Is draping required?

Yes. Sheet draping or towel draping.

3. What is the exact address for 3T's?

6568 FM 902, Lake Kiowa, TX 76240


4. What does 3T's stand for?

TJ's Terrific Touch

5. Do you accept personal checks?

No. However cash and credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex accepted.

6. Is there a cancellation fee?

No. I do not charge cancellation fees. As long as you call or text me to cancel, you will not be penalized for that. Things happen and things come up and that is understandable. However, if cancelling appointments is a fetish of yours, you will have to start calling someone else to "tickle your fancy". :)

7. Is there a "No Show" fee?

Yes. If I have never seen you before and you decide not to show up for an appointment and do not take the time to notify me by phone or text, I will assume that the appointment or my time was not important to you and I WILL NOT want to hear from you again. HOWEVER, if you are an established customer, and you "no show" I will assume an emergency came up and will expect you to call or text me by the end of that day or a $20 no show fee will be applied to your next visit. As for new clients, if later a sincere apology is made and an appointment is rescheduled, a $20 no show fee will be applied to your first visit.

8. What happens if you, the therapist has to cancel an appointment?

If I ever have to unfortunately cancel an appointment, I will do my best to inform you ASAP. Also I will apply a $10 discount off your next scheduled visit for your inconvenience.

9. Are you licensed?

Yes, my LMT # is MT112754

10. Do you do deep pressure?

No. My pressure is light to medium firm. I am however certified in DEEP TISSUE massage. But deep tissue massage involves the spreading of the muscle tissue and super deep pressure does not have to necessarily be used.

In other words, I know techniques to spread your muscle tissue where you have certain "knots" and tense spots, but I will not be "digging into" you or applying deep heavy pressure. My massages are mainly soft, relaxing, soothing Swedish massages.

11. What are the benefits of massage?

"Regular bodywork is a gift to yourself. Through the power of structured healing touch, massage helps the body run smoothly, like keeping a musical instrument in perfect tune. It rejuvenates the body from the outside in, with side benefits that include improved complexion, better posture, and a relaxed disposition on life." Copyright © Philippa Dodson, Richardson, TX, 2008

12. Do you accept same day appointments?

Yes. However, if possible, scheduling ahead of your appointment day is always best to insure your preferred time slot!:)

13. May I book my appointment by text or email?

Future appointments may possibly be booked by text or email. (Once you are established and I know who you are) The initial first appointment MUST be done by phone.

14. What if I have questions or special requests before I book with you?

Many of your questions should be answered through the website, but if you have further questions or concerns, feel free to email me or call me. I most likely will not respond to a text if I don't know you or have never seen you before.

15. Do I need identification to book an appointment?

Yes. On your initial/first visit, please bring your driver's license and another form of ID for verification purposes only.

15. Is your facility handicap accessible?

Yes. The salon is a one story building and does not have stairs.

16. Do you have a shower facility?

No. However, the restroom is directly across the massage suite for your convenience. And clean towels are provided, if necessary to freshen up before or after the session.

18. Do I need to take all of my clothes off for a session?

You undress to YOUR comfort level. Draping is ALWAYS required so you will always be protected.

19. Do I get my full hour of massage?

Yes. However, if you are late, that may cut into your massage time. If you are going to be more than 15 mins late, please call me to see if we can still do the appointment.

20. Is there paperwork to fill out?

Yes. On your first visit, you need to sign a consent and information form before the massage begins.

21. Do I pay before or after the massage?

Before. And a receipt will be given if desired.

22. Is tipping required?

No. But return visits and referrals are greatly appreciated! :)

You receive $10 off for each successful referral!

23. What are your fees and will they change?

The prices are listed on the "Rates" page on the website. Once you become a regular/repeat customer you will be locked into a discounted rate. So even if the prices go up, your fee will stay the same! :)

24. Do you do outcalls?

Yes. Outcalls are provided for full body massages only if the client already has a massage table and other massage equipment available in his/her home. And outcalls for partial body massage visits are done if there is a recliner and stool available. Outcalls at this time are only available for Lake Kiowa residents and surrounding area customers; and you must have already visited 3T's or be referred by a 3T's established client.

*Outcall partial body massages start at $50/hr

*Outcall full body massages start at $75/hr

25. Do you provide services to minors?

Yes, but only children of established clients & a parental consent form must filled out by parent. Parent must also remain at salon during session. 12 years or younger, parent must be in room during session. 13 years or older, will be up to parent & child's discretion.

26. Should I arrive early for my session?

No, not necessary ;)